• Science 

     At R. Frank Nims Middle School, we treat "Science" like a verb, it is something we do! By using a comprehensive science curriculum, our students are able to explore many topics in the practice of science, earth and space science, physical science and life science. Each week students engage in hands on labs specifically designed to enrich the science curriculum. Everything from making edible tectonic plates and working solar ovens to creating controlled chemical reactions and virtual dissections, it is all happening here in our state of the art science labs. Our students participate in special science events throughout the year including Science Night, Rocket Days and the LIFE Program. In addition to our outstanding science classes and our exceptional special events, we also have several STEM programs including our award winning Robotics and Engineering Club. If you have any questions about the science department or any of their fantastic programs feel free contact the Science Coach, Mr. Daniel Moore at moored1@leonschools.net.