• Welcome to the R. Frank Nims Middle School Magnet Academy!


    I am Grace D. Stroger, Magnet Coordinator of the Pre-Law Magnet Academy. On behalf of my team, I would first like to thank you for sharing your notable young scholar with our school. Although many students aspire to join us, only a few are chosen. To help meet the needs of our students who have shown academic excellence, we created a pre-collegiate program to help them prepare for gainful entry into a promising future. Students who are selected to join this program will experience various aspects of educational tutelage and practicing law where they are exposed to unforgettable experiences while interacting with local legal minds and law professionals who are currently working in the field of litigation.  Our program will also teach our students the art of professional networking and help foster a love of learning and goal-oriented analytical thinking. We are delighted and dedicated to working with our students and serving our community. Being the first of its kind, the Pre-Law Magnet Program is one of the foundational programs that will take our students to the next level. This program will build future leaders of tomorrow and foster an environment for creativity, determination, and preparation for the challenges of tomorrow. The Pre-Law Magnet Program will provide our students with the resources that will help prepare them for the various avenues in law and policy writing. As a common goal of R. Frank Nims Middle school, we continue to do what is best for our students. My team and I are dedicated to showing our students how exciting the world of law truly can be. Also, I can assure you that we will work tirelessly to remind them they can change the world! I am thrilled to be a part of R. Frank Nims Middle School and look forward to an engaging year!