Nims Trojan Success Academy

  • The Nims Trojan Success Academy is a program geared specifically to help students who are behind grade level, or in jeopardy of being retained.  The NTSA provides students with the opportunity to work on grade level  while simultaneously remediating coursework that the individual student is lacking. Our goal is that at the completion of the students 8th grade year, they are ready to move on from middle school to high school with their intended cohort class.  The NTSA curriculum uses a combination of online resources, small group instruction, and whole group instruction. The curriculum is centered around the individual student needs.  Each student will have an individualized learning plan tailored specifically to their needs in order to ensure they have the best chance to be successful and “Move Forward”!

NTSA Core Courses

    • Language Arts 2

    • Language Arts 3

    • Math 2

    • Pre Algebra

    • Civics

    • US History

    • Science 2

    • Science 3

NTSA Elective Offerings

    • PE

    • Dance

    • Band

    • Computers/STEM

    • Spanish

    • AVID

    • Musical Theater

    • Speech and Debate

    • ICT and CTE Certification Courses



Keys to Success

    • Individualized Learning Plan

    • Flexible Learning

    • One on One Instruction

    • Small Group Instruction

    • Online Courses

    • Small Class Size

    • Two Teachers Per Class

    • Reduced Disciplinary Incidents

    • Increased student attendance

    • Academic Tutoring