• Pre-Law

  • The R. Frank Nims Pre-Law Magnet is an innovative and groundbreaking initiative in Leon County Schools. This concept-based program includes students from grades sixth to eighth, in a curriculum designed to explore the legal studies. The law curriculum is introduced through core classes which provides an in-depth analysis of the history of law, the judicial system, forensic science, persuasive and legal research, mediation, conflict resolution, policymaking, and global issues.

    Our "Vision" is generated through the core belief that this knowledge is an essential component for continued sustainability and is vital to modern education. To this end, the magnet program is focused on a rigorous academic program. The program prepares all students for higher-level education and/or careers in law.

    Our Pathway's primary goal is to prepare our students careers in law, criminal justice, policy making, politics, and public service. To achieve this, the magnet program offers a full range of regular, honors and high school academic courses in a rich learning environment. The faculty and staff of the magnet share a commitment to rigorous classroom instruction combined with academic support and intervention programs to help all students succeed.