• Family Rules

    Children are inherently good, only behaviors are sometimes inappropriate.  The help of parents and guardians is absolutely necessary in overcoming behavior problems.  We believe the development of a positive self-concept improves behavior.

    Conflict mediation strategies will be used to help children deal constructively with conflict and anger.

    Conflict mediation includes specific "I Care Rules"

    1. We listen to each other.
    2. Hands are for helping, not hurting.
    3. We use "I Care" language.
    4. We care about each other's feelings.
    5. We are responsible for what we say and do.

    In addition to the "I Care Rules", Gilchrist Grizzlies always:

    • walk from place to place
    • respect other's rights, opinions and property
    • work and play safely
    • use their best manners and are courteous, especially in the cafeteria
    • use quiet voices when inside or on the walkways
    • use kind language only - no name calling or use of racial slurs
    • keep hands & fee to themselves and
    • wear hats outside only