Accelerated Reader Program Overview

  • Accelerated Reader is a computerized management system that monitors and evaluates reading practice and achievement. Students are free to select from a variety of color-coded books at their pre-determined reading level. Teachers will assign a reading level during the first two weeks of school. After reading a book, students use the AR software to test their reading comprehension. View the AR Reading Zones Color Chart to better understand the reading level your child's teacher has designated for your child's comprehension and enjoyment. First through fifth grades participate throughout the school year, while Kindergarten participates at the teacher's discretion.

    How Does AR Work?

    There are four reading periods throughout the year. At the end of each period, if a child has reached the needed point total for that reading period they will get to participate in the AR celebration. In addition, there are other "rewards" that a student receives for reaching their goal.

    Does my child's book have an AR quiz? What reading level is it?

    If your child reads a book that is not from the Gilchrist Media Center, chances are it will still have an AR quiz available for testing. If you are not sure, you may check online with AR Bookfinder. This valuable resource will provide information about quiz availability, book level, and points.
    AR Book Finder


    Your student’s username and password for AR has changed!

    The username is now your child’s nine digit student number and the password is their five digit lunch pin

    If you wish to access AR Home Connect, you will need to go to this URL and enter the new information.


    2018/19 AR Celebration Dates:

    October 11

    December 21

    March 29

    May 17


     2018/19 AR Reading Periods:

    8/13 – 10/11/2018


    7/8 - 3/15/2018

    3/26 – 5/16/2019


    Read at Home!

     Great information on infusing your home with literacy!

    AR Questions?

    Questions About AR?

    For questions related to Accelerated Reader, please contact Meg Gibson. 

AR Home Connect

  • AR Home Connect is fun and easy to use. It allows you, your child and your child's teacher to share information about your child's progress in Accelerated Reader. You can log in to Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection and compatible browser. To log in to Renaissance Home Connect, click the button below.

    Accelerated Reader Home Connect

    Your childs personal log-in information should have been sent home to you in a letter from your child's teacher. If you need this information, you may ask your child how he/she signs on at school or request it from your child's teacher.

    If you'd like to receive emails showing your child's quiz or test results, click the Email Setup link in Home Connect and follow the directions. Please note – students are not able to take AR quizzes at home. Testing is only available at school during school hours.