• Dear Parents,

    In second grade, we will be working with a reading program called Accelerated Reader (AR). This is a practice component of the reading program that we use in second grade. It gives students personalized feedback on their reading progress throughout the year.

    Your child took a STAR reading test on the computer. This test is designed to ask the student a series of questions in order to determine an appropriate reading level range for each child.

    The students will use their reading level range to choose appropriate Accelerated Reader books for their independent reading. They will read these books in school and at home. When they finish a book, they will take an Accelerated Reader quiz on the computer and receive a score. This helps provide feedback on the understanding of what has been read. Students earn points for each book read, depending on the difficulty of the book, as well as the student’s score.

    Students will be able to check out AR books from the Sealey Media Center, as well find some in our classroom. Daily reading practice is important, and I would like each student to try to read 15-20 minutes each day at home in addition to the practice we do at school.  In addition to getting books at school, I would recommend using the resources at the public library. Leon County has a wonderful libraries in a few different locations. If you have internet access, you can visit their website, www.leoncountylibrary.org.  You can find AR books and their levels if you visit www.ARbookfinder.com.

    I am excited to begin this program!

    Please let me know if you have any questions!  Thank you for all that you do at home to support what we do at school! 