SCMS Regular Bell Schedule

  • Campus gates remain locked until 9am, at which time student supervision begins.

    Students and parents arriving on campus before 9am for the purpose of morning tutoring, parent conferences, etc., must go through the front office.
     First Bell  9:25am
     Tardy Bell  9:30am
     1st Period  9:30am - 10:25am
     2nd Period  10:28am - 11:18am
     3rd Period  11:21am - 1:11pm
          1st Lunch  11:21am - 12:48 am
          2nd Lunch  12:12pm - 12:40pm
          3rd Lunch  12:43pm - 1:11pm
     4th Period  1:14pm - 2:04pm
     5th Period  2:07pm - 2:57pm
     6th Period  3:00pm - 3:50pm