• According to legend and tradition, we can expect an early spring if Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow on Groundhog Day every February 2.

    While there's nothing remotely scientific or accurate about the Groundhog Day weather prediction, it's a longstanding tradition that always generates national attention every Feb. 2.  We have recorded data that goes back to 1877 of groundhogs day.  Before that, we have history of Candlemas day dating back to the 5th century of clergy lighting candles and if there were clear skies means more winter to come and a cloudy sky means the worst of winter is behind us.

    • Saw shadow: 109 times (including 2023)
    • No shadow: 20 times
    • No record of what happened: 10 times

    Link to see the event.  It is scheduled for 6:00 am https://www.visitpa.com/live-stream-phils-prediction