Discipline at Moore School reflects a philosophy of mutual respect between and among adults and children and the belief that effective management of behavior can be based on recognizing and rewarding appropriate behavior. Rules are simple, clear, straightforward, and positively stated. The rules are designed to insure a safe and calm learning environment for all.

    The District's Code of Conduct is sent home for review by the students and parents, signed and returned to the school. The Code of Conduct is more complex and detailed but supports the school discipline efforts.

    Consequences are logical and appropriate to the behavior (or pattern of behaviors). Examples include: 'time out' or away from participation, writing/giving apology, demonstration of appropriate behavior, conferencing with parents, community service to make amends, loss of privileges.

    If we are to have a successful and safe school with a positive learning environment, Moore Mustangs must show RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and COOPERATION at all times.

    Listed below the Code of Conduct are the following:

    Mustangs show RESPECT for...


    • We are clean and neat.
    • We are honest.
    • We have a positive attitude about ourselves.


    • We speak politely.
    • We listen carefully to all adults and follow their directions.


    • We use kind words.
    • We do not aggravate.
    • We never fight.
    • We follow the golden rule.


    • We take care of school materials.
    • We help keep all areas of the school clean.


    Mustangs are RESPONSIBLE for...


    • We follow classroom rules and school rules.
    • We work to develop self control.
    • We don't blame others for something we do.
    • We are good citizens, even when no one is looking.


    • We bring the supplies we need to school and keep up with them in the classroom.
    • We do our homework and turn it in.
    • We listen to instruction and follow directions.
    • We try to do our best work on all assignments.


    • We keep school supplies neat and orderly.
    • We keep up with coats, jackets, backpacks and lunch boxes.


    • We don't litter.
    • We pick up litter, even if we do not drop it.


    Mustangs show COOPERATION toward others...

    • We help others in need.
    • We work together to solve problems.
    • We work together to meet common goals.
    • We respect others' ideas and opinions.
    • We contribute to the success of others.


    Classroom Rules

    Every student is invited by the teacher at the beginning of the year to participate in establishing rules for each classroom. These are written down and posted in the room to serve as a reminder of the agreed upon rules during the school year. Individual rules are phrased in positive terms, but all rules reinforce two basic principles:

    1. students are not allowed to hurt themselves, others, or property; and
    2. students may not do anything that interferes with/distracts others' learning.

    Bus Rules

    All students will:

    1. Obey the driver and follow the LCSB rules/policies.
    2. Sit in place and talk quietly.
    3. Keep hands, arms, feet, and other objects to yourself.
    4. Not eat, drink, or chew gum.
    5. Report problems to the driver.
    6. Not use "foul" language or racial slurs.

    Playground Key Rules

    1. Think and use good safety rules when playing.
    2. Use good sportsmanship and solve problems without fighting.
    3. Wear proper shoes when playing on playground equipment. Sandals and platform shoes are not allowed. These may cause injury.
    4. Report all accidents to an adult immediately.
    5. Follow all directions given by the adult in charge.
    6. Use equipment correctly as demonstrated by the adult supervisor.
    7. Go down the slide in a proper manner. Do not climb up the slide.
    8. Listen for the signal to line up.
    9. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. Never throw sticks, pinecones, rocks, glass or sand. It can cause injury.
    10. No gum, candy, food or drinks while playing. It can cause choking.

    Lunchroom Rules

    1. Raise your hand for help.
    2. Talk softly.
    3. Sharing food is not allowed.
    4. Line up quietly.
    5. Once you are seated, stay seated.
    6. When the bell rings, stop talking.