Our Weekly Plan

  • Week 8 Agenda:


    Two Main Objectives:

    * 2 Days to complete the activity assigned (social media and the press).

    * 3 days to complete any work that you've yet to turn in.


    Week 8 Assignment


    Use this week to catch up on any work you have not turned in yet.  Please be sure you click "Turn in" in Teams  under assignments.  Some of you have completed the work, but never clicked turn in.


    Finally - honestly - focus on your high school classes if you have them.  Especially math.  Those are the classes that will most carry over into a new year.  Put the work in now - push through this week and take advantage of your teachers.  You will save yourself so much time and furstration when(ever) we make it back to school in the fall.


    Mr. B.

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  • Week 7 Agenda


    Let's take a break from foreign policy and conflict for a minute and focus on something a little more close to home.  With summer approaching, candidates for President and literally thousands of other offices, the media is going to play a crucial role in helping millions determine who they will vote for.  With that said, this week's work is a little more traditional.


    The PDF attached covers media and public opinion.  You can print and write down the answers on the pdf, or you can open a word document and type the answers in order on the document.  Either way, share it with me when you are done.


    IMPORTANT!  If you are using my site instead of Teams - check back here Friday morning for a brief quiz on this weeks work.  


    Click here is this week's work.

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