Our Weekly Plan

  • Week 8 Agenda:


    Two Main Objectives:

    * 2 Days to complete the activity assigned (social media and the press).

    * 3 days to complete any work that you've yet to turn in.


    Week 8 Assignment


    Use this week to catch up on any work you have not turned in yet.  Please be sure you click "Turn in" in Teams  under assignments.  Some of you have completed the work, but never clicked turn in.


    Finally - honestly - focus on your high school classes if you have them.  Especially math.  Those are the classes that will most carry over into a new year.  Put the work in now - push through this week and take advantage of your teachers.  You will save yourself so much time and furstration when(ever) we make it back to school in the fall.


    Mr. B.

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  • Week 7 Agenda


    Let's take a break from foreign policy and conflict for a minute and focus on something a little more close to home.  With summer approaching, candidates for President and literally thousands of other offices, the media is going to play a crucial role in helping millions determine who they will vote for.  With that said, this week's work is a little more traditional.


    The PDF attached covers media and public opinion.  You can print and write down the answers on the pdf, or you can open a word document and type the answers in order on the document.  Either way, share it with me when you are done.


    IMPORTANT!  If you are using my site instead of Teams - check back here Friday morning for a brief quiz on this weeks work.  


    Click here is this week's work.

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  • Week 6 Agenda


    Welcome back - this week is pretty straight forward.  On Monday there are a few questions to answer based on the last two weeks.  They really are the BIG ideas of the lessons.  Please respond thougthfully - it will be an assessment grade.


    Lessons 2-5 are one larger lesson.  There is a video link in the PDF or I have attached some of the relevant notes that goes with the video.  You are basically responsible for learning about the multiple conflicts the US has been in throughout our history - no biggie =)


    Here is the link for the downloadable version.


    Keep up the great work - Mr. B

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  • Week 5 Agenda


    As usual, work at your own pace.  However, as we are getting more comfortable with distance learning I will begin becoming a little more critical over your answers.  The goal of this is to not just keep you and me busy while we are home - one main point for me is to actually help you understnad complex political topics.  If it is evident your responses are not thought out, then I cannot tell if you understand the goals of the lessons for the week.  Take your time - work thoughtfully and purposefully.


    The assignment is uploaded in Microsoft Teams and is located below.  I will be uploading a video explanation of some of the main content this Wednesday.


    Week 5 Assignments



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  • Week 4 Agenda


    First, a note.  I am not concerned about late work.  Work at your own pace.  Feel bored?  Work on some of the other optional assignments.  Feel overwhelmed?  Reach out and let me know.  Your mental, physical, and emotional health is more important than this.


    There is one assignment for the entire week with suggested breaks built in.  You may complete work at your own pace.


    Again, the assignment is posted in Microsoft Teams.  However, like last week, I have included the links below.


    Week 4: Diplomacy and Foreign Policy


    Also, keep a lookout for a Remind announement letting you know when live meetings may be taking place or when explainer videos get posted.


    Miss you all. - Mr. B.

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  • Week 3 Agenda


    There is one assignment for the entire week with suggested breaks built in.  You may complete the work at your own pace.


    Microsoft Teams is the best way to complete your work.  Open the assignment, click assignment resource, complete work, close resource, and click "turn in."  You do not need to complete it all at once.  You can edit the work, and it autosaves online.  You can come back to it days later and it will be saved.


    However, I have attached the PDF's to the links below in case you still want to print or just view it.


    Week 3: Economic Systems

    Week 3: Embedded YouTube from Economic Systems PDF above

    Week 3: Types of Government Article Help


    Again - this works automatically through your assignments in Microsoft Teams.  If you need help getting set up, please either email or remind me, or even call the school.

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  • Week 2 Goals:

    1. Complete parts of county packet (download here) that I outlined in the video I sent through Remind last week.  Click here to view again.

    2. Transition to Microsoft Teams for all assigned work following this week.

    3. Continue to help your classmates get checked in.


    1. Complete Week 2 Day 1 Packet Work (see video link above)

    2. Access Microsoft Teams. Dr. Yu created a video: Click Here.

      1. Assignment:  I posted an announcement in Microsoft Teams.  Read the infographic and then answer the poll question.

      2. Optional:  If possibe, you may ask your parent/guardian(s) for permission to download the free Microsoft Teams app onto your smart phone.  Not required.


    1. Complete Week 2 Day 2 Packet work (see video link above)

    2. Log back in to Microsoft Teams.  Send me a message using the "Chat" feature, which is different than the "Posts" feature on the Teams class main page.  Click here for support.  Just..how are you doing?  Send me a chat.


    1. Complete Week 2 Day 3 Packet work (see video link above)

    2. I have sent you an assignment in Microsoft Teams using our Class Notebook.  You should have received a notification or have one waiting for you in teams.  Complete the assignment and be sure to click "Turn In".


    1. Complete Week 2 Day 4 Packet work (see video link above)

    2. Complete any of the Microsoft Teams tasks from Monday thru Wednesday.


    1. Complete Week 2 Day 5 Packet work (see video link above)

    2. You have another assignment waiting for you in Class Notebook.  Complete the assignment and click "Turn In".

    WEEKEND: At some point turn in your packet work.  It would be best to use the assignment I sent in Teams on Friday...but any way you can get it to me is greatly appreciated.


    Keys to Success #13 - Foreign Policy!

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  • 4th Quarter Week 1 (4QW1)


    1.  Please get your Remind App set up and working.  We will eventually be working through Microsoft Teams for lessons, but for quick questions or help using the Remind App seems to be the fastest and easiest way.


    2.  County Packets.  There are two packets.  Here is the link for this week's packet: Click Here.   You can: 1) print and complete then either scan or take pictures and email to me or turn in at Cobb. or 2) open a word doc, type the answers as best as you can and share it with me.


    3.  Breathe.  

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