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Applied Science and Technology Magnet Program

  • The Applied Science and Technology Magnet Program at Cobb Middle School seeks to inspire creativity, stimulate curiosity, and empower students to develop a comprehensive understanding of their world through the pursuit of scientific knowledge and investigative skills. Cobb’s Magnet curriculum begins in 6th grade with a structure providing a solid foundation for scientific concepts and increasingly rigorous instruction in our Life Science and STEM Environmental Science courses.  The STEM class is a magnet research elective class that uses an inquiry-based approach to curriculum where students will experience lessons in forensics, dissection, and paleontology. These lessons facilitate knowledge constructions of living things and allow students to explore human anatomy, evaluate current global ecological concerns, and uncover the mysteries of genetics, viruses, and microscopy.

    Along with a solid foundation in Science, we offer students the opportunity to earn high school credits in thirteen different courses, which can accelerate their personal education path. Beyond the books and curriculum, students can also grow in other areas such as athletics, our prestigious fine arts programs, and our award-winning BETA club. Cobb has enhanced its technology curriculum to include digital industry certifications in all grade levels. Cobb has collaborated with FSU in creating a math lesson that allows students to learn coding using the SCRATCH model. In addition to collaborating with FSU, Cobb has a mentoring program with The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, which applies classroom concepts to real-world applications. Cobb faculty prides itself on our family atmosphere and creating a smooth transition to middle and high school. We will work with you and your child to tailor a personalized schedule that meets the specific needs of your budding scholar.

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