My View Literacy

  • Click here to see the B.E.S.T. ELA Kindergarten Standards

    In Kindergarten, instructional time will emphasize four strands using the B.E.S.T standards: Foundational Skills, Reading, Communication, and Vocabulary.
    In K-2, there will be an emphasis on explicit, systematic phonics instruction, as decoding and fluency are essential to creating
    proficient readers. We also work on recognizing all upper and lowercase letters, basic concepts of print, phonological awareness, literary

    In Kindergarten, instructional time will emphasize three areas using the B.E.S.T standards:

    (1) Developing an understanding of counting to represent the total number of objects in a set and to order the objects within a set.

    (2) Developing an understanding of addition and subtraction and the relationship of these operations to counting.

    (3) Measuring, comparing and categorizing objects according to various attributes, including their two- and three-dimensional shapes.
    In Science, we will learn about The Practice of Science, Earth and Space Science, Properties/Changes of Matter, Forms of Energy, Motion, and Living/Non-living Things.
    In Social Studies, we will learn about American History, Geography,
    Economics, and Civics/Government.