• My View Literacy

    My View Literacy
    • Florida’s B.E.S.T. Standards for ELA are built on the following premises: 
      • English Language Arts is not a discrete set of skills, but a rich discipline with meaningful, significant content, the knowledge of which helps all students actively and fully participate in our society. 
      • The standards are clear and concise, so they are easily understood by every stakeholder. 
      • The texts students read are meaningful and thought-provoking, preparing them to be informed, civic-minded members of their community. 
      • Standards should not stand alone as a separate focus for instruction, but should be combined purposefully.
      To view the kindergarten ELA standards please see the links above. 



    Go Math

    Go Math
    • In Kindergarten, instructional time will emphasize three areas using the B.E.S.T standards:

      (1) Developing an understanding of counting to represent the total number of objects in a set and to order the objects within a set.

      (2) Developing an understanding of addition and subtraction and the relationship of these operations to counting.

      (3) Measuring, comparing and categorizing objects according to various attributes, including their two- and three-dimensional shapes.