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    The Roberts Elementary House System

    Today was the day our students have been waiting for—Sorting Day for our House system! Last week, we introduced a House System to our second graders, and today, each child was randomly sorted into his or her house by choosing a balloon off the stage and popping it. Inside each balloon was a bracelet of a specific color that corresponds to one of the six houses [Alnazaha (means Integrity in Arabic; The Black House); Optimisio (Means Optimism in Dutch; The Orange House); Perseveranza (Means Perseverance in Italian; The Blue House); Symponia (Means Compassion in Greek; The Yellow House); Ukarimu (Means Generosity in Swahili; The Green House); Valor (Means Courage in Spanish; The Red House)]. Together, we call all of the houses Umoja, which means unity in Swahili. We strongly feel that this program will allow students to become leaders and show their strengths in ways that they are not able to show in a typical classroom setting, as well as build a strong school community. Students will have the opportunity to earn points for their houses by exhibiting positive behavior, work/study skills, academic gains, and using good manners and citizenship. We are very excited to begin this program with our current students. They will join our fourth and  fifth graders.