Hall of Fame Criteria

  • 1. Qualified Applicant: Any Godby Graduate that meets all other criteria will be considered for Induction. Any Godby Student that died prior to graduation that meets all other criteria will be considered for Induction.

    2. Qualified Sponsor: Any Godby graduate, Godby faculty (past or present), Godby administrator (past or present) or Godby parent will be considered a qualified sponsor. A qualified sponsor may bring forward the name of any qualified applicant to be considered for induction into the AGG Hall of Fame. There is a standard application form developed for these submissions and a committee is established to select honorees. Potential inductees will not only be evaluated on their good works while a student at Godby but more importantly on their accolades and good works performed post-Godby High graduation. Success in business, community service, professional, arts, civic service, education, etc. and contributions that are consistent with furthering the AGG Mission Statement will be considered:

    The Association of Godby Graduates is committed to supporting and maintaining strong academics at Godby High School. We believe that Godby High School should strive to provide high academic achievement. The Association of Godby Graduates will be Godby High School’s Academic Booster Club. The Association of Godby Graduates will assist Godby High School in any means necessary in support of student academic achievement and in a program recognizing academic excellence. The Association of Godby Graduates’ goal is to encourage all students to achieve academic excellence.

    3. Submissions may be entered for the following categories:

    Business, Fine Arts, Professional Sports, Medical/Health, Educator, Military, Godby High Alumni, Volunteer, Civic

    The committee will select six candidates for induction. No more than one candidate may be selected from a category.

    4. The Hall of Fame committee will consist of the AGG president as committee chair and four other AGG members as designated by the president. The AGG President will establish the Hall of Fame Committee at the September business meeting.

    5. The nomination period will be from October 1st through November 30th. The evaluation period will be during the month of December. The deadline for selected nominees will be the 2nd Monday of January.

    6. Selected Hall of Fame members will be members into perpetuity. There will be a dedicated page on the Godby alumni site to honor all inductees.

    7. All not selected applicants will be automatically considered for two additional cycles.

    8. The Executive Committee of the AGG may alter or rescind any of these terms as desired, by a majority vote during any regularly scheduled AGG business meeting.

    Rev. October 2007

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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