• AR Overview

    Accelerated Reader is a technology based literacy management program which is an important part of our reading program at KLES. A student reads a book from an Accelerated Reader list then tests his knowledge and comprehension of the book by answering questions on the computer. The computer handles all scoring and record keeping. Killearn Lakes Elementary received the Accelerated Reader program through a grant written by classroom teacher Teresa Horn. The program continues to be funded through the school's budget. It has been available for use since January 1996.

    Parents, you may check the KLES Accelerated Reader List at the Northeast Branch of the Public Library to help your child locate books that we may not have available at school.

    The Accelerated Reader Reading List can be accessed by Grade Level, Author or Title. Simply click on the option that will best help you in your search.  We have labeled the books in our media center to make selection easier.  See the chart below:

     AR Levels
    To learn more about Accelerated Reader, check out their site.

    AR Policies



    The kindergarten teachers introduce AR to their students through whole class activities, the teacher reads an AR book to the class and then the class takes the AR Test together. AR is also used as an enrichment activity for those students who are already reading independently. The AR Program is not used for reading grade purposes in kindergarten.

    First Grade

    AR is used as a supplement to the established county-wide first grade-reading program. It is an enrichment activity, not used for reading grade purposes. Research shows that "reading", (to, with or independently) does help improve a student's ability to comprehend. This program, with teacher support, helps to guide students to read books appropriate for their individual reading level.

    Second Grade

    AR is used to supplement the second grade-reading program. Students are encouraged to meet certification goals and to read books within their identified reading zone. 
    The AR Program is used as a motivational tool to encourage and foster the love of reading, not for reading grade purposes

    Third Grade

    AR is a supplement to the third grade-reading program. It is used as a motivational tool to encourage readers at all levels to strive for personal goals. Incentives and rewards are provided for those students meeting their identified goals. The AR Program allows teachers a way to monitor students' independent reading.

    Fourth Grade

    Fourth grade teachers require their students to read for at least 20 minutes a night for their "homework" totaling 100 minutes a week. Please encourage your children to take AR tests to check for comprehension. 

    Fifth Grade