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    To gain access to your child's AR account, follow the directions below.  You can track progress and sign up to receive notification each time your child takes an AR quiz!

    1. Go to the KLES website. Go to “Online Software With At-Home Access”.  Click on “Renaissance Place Home Connect”.


    2. Enter your student's AR user name and password.  Their username is their student number and the password is their first and last initial.  It is also the same username they use for Success Maker at school and it should be written in their planner as well. Your child's username is his/her lunch number.  Please e-mail me for your child's number, if necessary.


    3. Once you enter the site, you can see your student's progress toward making their AR goal on the easy to read bar graph, as well as, their overall percentage correct on the quizzes they have taken this nine weeks.  Students should be making 85% and above on the AR quizzes.  If they are not, they maybe taking quizzes before they have actually finished reading their book.  Signing up to receive email notification when your student takes a quiz at school should help curb this problem, if it has become one.


    4. To sign up to receive email notification when your student takes a quiz, simply click on the "Email Set Up" link on the top right hand side of the screen and enter your email address.


    5. Also, if you are unsure if a book your student would like to read is an AR book, click on the bottom right link, "Find Books" when you initially enter the site or you can also access the same information through the Conley school website under the Parent Portal. Once you enter the Parent Portal, click on "Web Links" and then click on "AR Book Finder", http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx