Week of 04-20-20

04-20-20 Weekly Assignments

Essential Question: What inventions do you know?

(Goal: By the end of the week, be able to name 3 inventions from at least two different inventors)

Graded Work

Mon   Lang                           ReadWorks—“Grandpa and Me”

Tue     Social Studies         BrainPOPJr— Alexander Graham Bell video and quiz

Wed   Science                     BrainPOPJr— George W. Carver video and quiz

Thu     Math                         ThinkCentral— Chapter 10 Review quiz


Optional NOT-Graded Work

Daily              Class Dojo                HFW, Sight Words, Words to Know

Monday        Language      ConnectEd—

  • Watch Words to Know Presentation
  • Read “The Story of a Robot Inventor” & Comprehension page- Problem & Solution (RWW pp. 160-171)

Math              ThinkCentral — Watch ISE Lesson 10.1 and 10.2

Tuesday        Language      ConnectEd—

  • Watch Words to Know Presentation
  • Read “Thomas Edison, Inventor” & Make Connections activity (LA pp. 202-221)


Math          Think Central: Lesson 10.3 and 10.4

Wednesday Math              Think Central: ISE Lesson 10.5 and 10.6

Thursday      Math              Think Central: Lesson 10.7

Friday            Any missing assignments

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