Week of 04-13-20

04-13-20 Weekly Assignments

Essential Question: Who helps you?

Daily                      Class Dojo                           HFW, Sight Words, Words to Know


Language             TEAMs Link                         Author’s Purpose video 1

ConnectEd:                         Watch Words to Know Presentation

ConnectEd:                         Read “All Kinds of Helpers” & Comprehension page-Author’s Purpose (RWW pp. 242-251)

ConnectEd:                         Complete Your Turn p. 285*

Math                     BrainPOPJr:                        Counting Coins video

Think Central:                    ISE Lesson 9.1 & Mega Math Level E*


Language             BrainPOPJr.                        Synonyms & Antonyms video 2

ConnectEd:                         Complete Your Turn p. 290*

TEAMs Link:                        Author’s Purpose video

ConnectEd:                         Read “Meet Rosina” & Make Connections (LA pp. 302-323)

Math                     BrainPOPJr:                        Equivalent Coins video

Think Central:                    ISE Lesson 9.6 & Lesson 9.7*


Language             ReadWorks:                       Read “A Day to Celebrate Earth” and answer the questions

Math                     BrainPOPJr:                        Dollars and Cents video

Think Central:                    Mega Math Level F*

Social Studies    BrainPOPJr.                        Community Helpers video*


Language             ConnectEd:                         Complete Your Turn p. 293*

Math                     BrainPOPJr:                        Making Change video

Think Central:                    ISE Lesson 9.8 & Lesson 9.9*

Science                 BrainPOPJr.:                       Going to the Dentist video*



Language             ConnectEd:                         Complete Unit 6 Week 1 & Week 2 Assessment*

Math                     Think Central:                    Chapter 9 Test*

*Assignments with this mark will be graded