Videos for Specific Lessons listed by Chapters

Videos for Specific Lessons listed by Standards

Videos for Specific Standards

  • Numbers and Operations- Fractions
    Fraction Word Problems
    NF 1.2            
    Add and Subtract Fractions
    NF 1.1                    
    Muliplying Fractions
    Multiplying Mixed Numbers and Fractions
    NF 2.6            
    Dividing Unit Fractions by Whole Numbers
    NF 2.7        
    Interpret Fractions
    NF 2.3            
    Measurement and Data
    Line Plots
    MD 2.2          
    Converting Measurement Units
    MD 1.1         
    MD 3.3 & MD 3.5           
    Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
    Place Value
    NBT 1.1           
    Fluentry Multiply Whole Numbers
    NBT 2.5               
    NBT 2.6          
    Read and Write Decimals
    NBT 1.3a        
    Compare Decimals
    NBT 1.3b        
    Rounding Decimals
    NBT 1.4          
    Powers of 10
    NBT 1.2         
    Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    Numerical Expressions
    Numerical Patterns
    Two-Dimentional Figures
    G 1.1 & G 1.2             
    Coordinate System
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