• Online


    Just a few helpful reminders for using distance learning!


    1. When signing onto Microsoft Teams please mute yourself so that we don't have lots of background noise. You will need to unmute yourself before you share out to our group.


    2. The chat feature should only be used to respond back to a question asked by the teacher or a student. The chat feature is only for academic use.


    3. Be on time. With all things a little hectic right now we have lots of flexibility in playing back lessons but we would love to see you live in our lessons so that we can help answer any questions you have about assignments and lessons.


    4. It is key to participate and get all your questions answered. You can always email me a question, you can send me a text using my google number or you can ask a question in the chat.


    5. Smile! I am so excited to see you and  your positive attitude brightens my day :)   



    Need help accessing Apps click link below

    App Cheat Sheet



    Use this link to watch a video on directions to access Classlink, Teams and other important resources via smart phone.