Welcome to Ruediger Media Center

Our library thrives because of readers like you!
  • The Ruediger Media Center is where adventures begin and imaginations are set free!  When Roadrunners step into our library, they are entering a world of possibilities where endless creations can come to life!  We have thousands of books for children to choose from that will help them explore their next big dream or make their next discovery!  Our Makerspace area is designed to bring out the engineer and scientist in everyone!  Students walk out of our library armed with knowledge and resources making it impossible for anyone to get in their way of becoming the next president, or best-selling author, or the doctor who discovers the cure for cancer, or the activist that becomes a voice for the unheard!  Our Roadrunners can be anything they set their minds to become, and our media center is the place to find all of the resources to make that happen!

  • Ruff Media Center Books Bring Me Joy!