Sabal Palm Elementary Dress Code

  •  The following dress code guidelines are in effect at Sabal Palm Elementary:

    • Students should be comfortably, appropriately and safely dressed for school.
    • Students should wear closed toe, flat shoes for protection.  Flip-flops, slides, house shoes, bedroom slippers, platform shoes or cleats are not acceptable.
    • Shorts, skirts and dresses that are short, halter tops, spaghetti strap tops, bare midriffs or other clothing that leaves the body bare are not deemed appropriate for school.  Appropriate length is at least to the end of the fingertips when arms are held to the side.
    • Shirts with drug related messages, obscene or suggestive gestures or slogans or profanity are not allowed.
    • Shorts and pants that have writing on the backside are not to be worn at school.
    • Pants must fit to the waist.  Belts should be used when necessary.   No underwear may be visible.
    • No hats of any type may be worn except during P.E.
    • Sweaters, coats, etc. should be marked with the child's name. 
    • Lost and found items are kept in the cafeteria and will be sent to charity if not claimed at the end of each 9 weeks.
    • No ripped jeans may NOT be worn to school.
    • Leggings, Jeggings or tights are permitted, but a shirt must be of length that is at least to the end of the fingertips when arms are held to the side.

    When a student is not dressed appropriately, it can cause distractions and safety concerns. Students will receive a notice explaining any violations. After the second violation, the parent/guardian will be contacted by phone. The third violation will result in a conference with parents and student.