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  • Where do I log in if I am taking a LCVS franchise class?

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    If you are taking a Leon County Virtual School Franchise Course please access the course here: 

     If you have forgotten, or need your VSA Password Reset, you must contact FLVS directly 
    FLVS  Ph# 1-800-374-1430 Technical Support Option #2 
    Leon County Schools has no ability to reset your VSA password.

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  • Where do I log on for my HOPE course?

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    If you are taking a Leon County Digital Academy course (HOPE) please see instructions below:

    1. To access the course visit: and log into ClassLink***.

    2. You will use your student Username and Password assigned to you by your school.

    **When using ClassLink from HOME

    Students use YOURSTUDENTID#@EDU.LEONSCHOOLS.NET as your username**

    If you need assistance resetting your school network password or help getting logged into Classlink, please contact your traditional school first.  If they are unavailable to assist, then e-mail or call 487-7524.

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