• Below are expectations of your child on their very first day of second grade. These expectations will help your child be successful and create an attitude of confidence. Please take some time over summer to check out the websites listed and do any activities!
    We are certainly looking forward to a fun year!
    Language Arts Expectations
    - Write a complete sentence using capital letters and punctuation.
    - Children should know their birthday, phone number and complete address.
    - Write their first and last name with capital and lower case letters.
    - Read poetry and identify rhyming words.
    Math Expectations
    - Be able to count objects up to 50.
    - Understanding of tens and ones.
                Example: the number 43 has 4 tens and 3 ones. The digit 4 stands for 40 ones and the digit 3 stands for only 3 ones.
    - Addition and subtraction facts to ten
    - Basic fractions like one-half, one-third, one-fourth and one-fifth.
    - Time to the hour
    Activities to help develop these concepts (and more!)
    - Read 20 minutes a day
    - Write twice a week in a journal about activities your child did over the summer
    - Use addition and subtraction flashcards for 5 minutes a day
                      - You may also use www.fun4thebrain.com to do addition and subtraction games. They also have Language Arts games, too!
    - Use food (pizza, cookies, etc) to make fractions
    - Use simple numbers around you to talk about place value and value of a digit. For example, speed limit signs, TV channels, ages of people, dates, etc.