• 01) Who is eligible to receive school bus transportation?

  • 02) Who determines if a student lives beyond the reasonable walking distance from school?

  • 03) What is the process if the parent/guardian has a concern regarding their child’s school bus transportation (i.e. bus stop assignment, inconsistent schedule, discipline, etc.)?

  • 04) Who is responsible for student safety at a school bus stop?

  • 05) How are hazardous walking conditions determined?

  • 06) What can my child take onto the bus?

  • 07) Why can't I just put my child on a bus that I see stopping in my neighborhood?

  • 08) How can I provide comments about a bus?

  • 09) What are the rules or guidelines for bus stop placement near a sexual predator’s residence?

  • 10) There is a special education (ESE) stop located next door to me going to my child’s school, can my child ride that bus instead of walking a mile to their current assigned stop?

  • 11) Can I drive my child to an alternative bus stop?

  • 12)   Who is responsible for the transportation of the student to and from the bus stop or school?

Last Modified on September 27, 2023