Greetings, Family, Parents and Students.  Welcome back to school!

    I am Ms. Bettye Lindsey and I teach Reading and Math Resource for Exceptional students in grades K-5.  I have been an Exceptional Student Education Teacher for 22 years; however, this is only my 2nd year at Pineview Elementary School.

    Excitement is an understatement that discribes my feelings about the 2020/2021 school year.   I cannot wait to hear about all of the exciting and fun things you did over the summer.   We have so much to do, experience, and learn. 

    So, let's go, Team Pineview!!  Let The Games Begin!


    Please join me for an official introduction by joining the zoom meeting below.

    See you soon!


    Ms. Lindsey


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    Passcode: 6h482w