• Registration Information

    If your child is not currently enrolled in a Leon County School, you will need to include the following to register your child for school:

    Evidence of Residence Within School District - The residence of a student is defined as the primary residence of the student's parent/guardian or of either parent when custody is shared and mutually agreed upon. Reasonable proof must include one item from each of the following categories:

    • Category 1: Mortgage Deed, Lease/Rental Agreement, Homestead Exemption, Property Tax Record 
    • Category 2: Driver License, Voter Registration Card, Insurance Bill

    Evidence of Birth Date - One of the following legal evidences of age is required for all students. A homeless child shall be given temporary exemption from this requirement for 30 days.

    • Certified record of birth. 
    • Certificate of baptism showing date of birth and place of baptism. Must be accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by the parent. 
    • Insurance policy on the child's life that has been in force for at least 2 years.
    • Authentic contemporary religious record of the child's birth.  Must be accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by the parent.
    • Passport certificate of arrival in the United States showing the age of the child.
    • School transcript showing the date of birth for at least 3 years prior to application.

    Student’s Social Security Card

    Proof of Recent Physical Exam

    Florida Certification of Immunization Blue Form

    • Immunizations may be obtained from the public health department or private doctor and must be current.
    • Before entering 7th grade, student must have proof of current booster shot.

    If your child is currently enrolled in a Leon County School, please furnish:

    • Withdrawal papers from previous school along with address for previous school and grades (if possible) from previous school
    • Two proofs of residency as described above.
    • Original immunization card showing all shots