Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Maclin


My name is Ms. Stefanie Cooper-Maclin, but every knows me as Ms. Maclin!  I am a proud graduate of Florida A & M University with a Bachelors Degree in Graphis Arts & Design and a minor in Fine Arts! It has always been my passion to share my knowledge of Art and Design with others, especially with our youth.  I have been an Art Teacher for 17 years, with 16 of those years, I taught in Gadsden County. I have been truly greatful to be a first  year employee of Leon County (2019- 2020), as I continue my 17th year of teaching.  I was awarded "Teacher of the Year" in 2006 at Chattahoochee Elementary School and in 2012 at Havana Magnet School (formerly Havana Middle School). I was also privileged to receive the "Florida High Impact Teacher" award  in 2018, amongst 13 fellow colleagues in Gadsden County. Upon meeting my students each year, I always tell them that "YES" I am your teacher and "Yes" your are my students, and not only do I teach you, but  you teach me TOO! We ALL can learn from each other! I am always so amazed and inspired by my students as they learn to express themselves and grow from their Art experiences in my class! My students always ask me: "Ms. Maclin, how come your artwork looks so good? And my answer is: "You have to find your own special interests and talents and "stick with it", THAT'S HOW YOU BECOME GREAT!