Alcohol-and Drug-Free Campus

  • Lively Technical Center is committed to providing students, faculty, staff, and visitors a safe campus and workplace. The institution recognizes the health risks associated with controlled substance use and alcohol misuse and is committed to supporting students and employees who seek treatment for these conditions. Lively also recognizes that controlled substance use and alcohol misuse diminish workplace and campus safety and undermine the center’s ability to fulfill its mission of  providing quality education for all students in an atmosphere that promotes intellectual pursuit, spiritual growth, and social and personal responsibility.  Compliance with this policy is considered a condition of employment and attendance at Lively and monitored by the Leon County School Board and Student Affairs. All employees and students have been notified of this policy by print publication and on our website.

    Compliance with Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act:

    Lively Technical Center strives to remain in compliance with the requirements of the Drug- Free Schools and Communities Act. The center has adopted and implemented programs to prevent the abuse of alcohol and use or distribution of illicit drugs both by students and employees both on its premises and as a part of any of the center’s activities. Lively Technical Center has a written policy on alcohol and other drugs and distributes this to students during orientation, through access to the and online Catalog, and Student Handbook. The Faculty and Staff Handbook also contains the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy. The materials are located on our website contain the following:

    • Standards of conduct that prohibit unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on its property or as a part of its activities;
    • A description of the health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol;
    • A description of counseling or treatment programs.
    • A clear statement and description of the disciplinary sanctions the institution will impose on students and employees.


    The federally mandated policy about alcohol and other drugs will be discussed in more detail with students during orientation. In addition, the alcohol and drug policy will be presented to all employees with the distribution of the Employee Handbook.

2017-2018 DAAPP

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