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Posted by Mis'Shaylanqua Smith on 8/30/2021

Weekly Update 8/29-9/4

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Dates to Remember

8/31 Virtual Open House

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9/6 No-School Labor Day

9/13 Boosterthon Kickoff

9/15 Progress Reports posted to              FOCUS

9/16 No School- Fall Holiday



Monday- Lesson 1.7 Multiply by 2 digit numbers 

Lesson 1.7

Tuesday- Lesson 1.7 Multiply by 2 digit Numbers

Wednesday- Lesson 1.8 Relate Multiplication to Division (distributive property)Lesson 1.8

Thursday- Lesson 1.9 Multiplication and DivisionLesson 1.9

Friday- Continue Lesson 1.10 Numerical ExpressionsLesson 1.10

  Math Vocabulary Words

Period- a group of digits separated by a comma in a multidigit number.

Distributive Property-multiplying the sum by a number is the same as multiplying each addend by the number and then adding the products.

Base-the number that is used as a repeated factor with an exponent.

Exponent-the number that tells how many times the base is used as a factor (multiplied).

Inverse Operations- using the same numbers to perform multiplication and division that are opposite.

Numerical Expression- a mathematical phrase that has numbers and operation signs but does not have an equal sign.

Evaluate- to solve, or find the value of.

Order of Operations- the order in which you should solve an equation or evaluate an expression.

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Monday- Science U1L1 Quiz

Tuesday- ED Learning Digital Lesson U1L3 (access through Classlink)

Wednesday- Brain Pop Scientific Method/Observations

Thursday- Read U1L3 What are some types of investigations?Science Student Book

Friday- Investigation

Science Vocabulary

Vocabulary and Concepts

variable- any factor or condition in an experiment that can be changed.


scientific methods- ways that scientists perform investigations.

experiment- an investigation used to test a hypothesis in which all other conditions are controlled.

Control- the setup to which all the other setups are compared; the constant.




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