Classlink and Microsoft Teams Login Information


Listen to me giving instructions on how to login to Classlink and Microsoft Teams for your first assignment: CLICK ME

Classlink website: Classlink


Text in Voice Memo: 

Hello! I am going to be giving instructions on how to login to Classlink. Below this recording, you will see a link to the Classlink login page. Click it to open Classlink. Click the green button that says, login with username and password. The student password is their student number followed by @ sign Their password is their lunch number. The majority of the students in my class have their numbers memorized. If you need these numbers, reach out to me on Remind, Class Dojo, or my email . Once the student has logged in, they should see multiple apps the students are familiar with. The one we are using for distance learning is white and purple with the letter T on the picture. It is labeled “Learn at Home-Teams.” Click that to open the app. It may prompt you to put in the email address again, which is the student number followed by Once logged into teams, you will see all the classes your student’s teacher has assigned them to. For my first assignment, I ask that all students send me a message in “Sehnert’s Super Stars,” so I know they have been able to login successfully. Please let me know if you need any further assistance, and welcome to distance learning!