Registration Procedures (CLICK ME)


Registration Packet available online
· Copy of Birth Certificate
· Immunization Record
· Current Physical
· Two Proofs of Residency (i.e. lease agreement, mortgage statement, utility bill, phone bill or driver license)

This is the active link for NEW student registration.  This can be sent to parents who inquire about moving here or will not be in Tallahassee until later in the summer.


This is for:

  • Any student applying to LCS for the first time AFTER 2015 and did NOT go through school choice.
  • Students NEVER in LCS schools (including charter and PK)
    • Do NOT reenroll a student if they are active in PK or any student who shows currently inactive.
    • These students will be picked up like a new enrollment in the system.
  • Students moving in from out of state.
  • Students who have always been in private school.

Parents will follow the online directions to create and account and then complete the registration for either the remainder of 1819 or for next year 1920. The students will show up in the applicant school to be picked up by your site when they bring the required documents needed – proofs of residence, birth certificate, etc…