Welcome to Externship!

Externship for the 2022-23 School Year

Hello and welcome!  

  • All externs will report to the auditorium on Wednesday, 8/10, during 5th and 6th periods (5th or 6th if you are only scheduled for one period). Please do not go to your assigned teacher's classroom.
  • Externship will meet in the auditorium during 5th and 6th every day from Wednesday, 8/10, through Wednesday, 8/17. All externs will attend seminar in the auditorium every day from 8/10 through 8/17. 
  • If you have a signed half-sheet (sponor info form), please bring it to seminar on the first day of school.
  • During the first seminar, we will explain the process for beginning your externship.  
  • You may NOT begin your externship before Thursday, 8/18 (unless you begin AFTER seminar/school on Wednesday, 8/17).  


If you have any questions or updates, please email us. 

Mrs. Deschner (deschnerd@leonschools.net

Mrs. Quick (quickk@leonschools.net)

Mr. Shoenberger (shoenbergera@leonschools.net


If you have not found a sponsor, there is still time. We will meet with you during the first week of school.