A New Way to Read

Posted by Halley Earwood on 4/21/2020 8:00:00 AM

Hello Readers!


This note is especially for you fourth and fifth-grade readers, but all ages are welcome.


Author Rex Ogle (Free Lunch) is trying something pretty cool right now. He's writing the story of Aiden Tyler, a regular, comic-book loving, bus riding middle schooler whose life is turned upside down by the Coronavirus. Suddenly he's dealing with school closures and toilet paper shortages. Does that story sound familiar, anyone?


What's really cool is the way Rex is writing this story. Instead of a regular book, he's writing a real-time "serial". No, not Lucky Charms, that's cereal. A serial is a kind of story that's published in parts, not all at once. That means that Ogle is sharing Aiden's story with us as he is writing it. We might see real-life events from the news showing up as part of the story!


Every Tuesday at 2pm, he goes online and reads us the newest chapters. 


Curious? Go to the link below to check out the story so far. Then, tune in on Tuesdays to hear the latest in Aiden Tyler, Quaran-Teen!



Aiden Tyler, Quaran-Teen