Summer Virtual School Session April 15th- June 26th


Summer Virtual Session

April 15th- June 26th

Last day to register for classes - June 3rd

LCVS will be offering a small selection of courses during an express session that will replace our former summer school way of work of rolling enrollment.

  • Students must complete the course by June 26th
  • No LCVS summer course work will be available from June 26th- August 10th


  • HOPE
  • Driver’s Education
  • Creative Photography
  • M/J Peer Counseling
  • Peer Counseling 1
  • Peer Counseling 2

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery classes are NOT NCAA approved and are NOT recommended for college bound students. Students enrolling in credit recovery must have previously failed the particular course in order to be eligible for enrollment. Credit recovery classes do NOT count towards Bright Future’s Scholarships.

  • English 1 Credit Recovery
  • English 2 Credit Recovery
  • English 3 Credit Recovery
  • English 4 Credit Recovery
  • Algebra 1 Credit Recovery
  • Algebra 2 Credit Recovery
  • Geometry Credit Recovery
  • Chemistry Credit Recovery
  • Biology Credit Recovery
  • World History Credit Recovery
  • Econ with Financial Literacy Credit Recovery
  • US Government Credit Recovery
  • US History Credit Recovery

For questions please contact LCVS at or (850) 488-2087