Now / Next Boards

A "Now/Next" board is sometimes used as a visual so that our students know what is going to be happening.  It is a miniature version of a visual schedule and helps our students move on from one activity to another.  Sometimes we use them for behavior support, such as when a student doesn't want to do something we want thme to do.  In that case, we present the thing we want them to do in the "nnow" and the thing they want to do in the "next".  The idea is to show them a preferred activity / reinforcer to motivate them to complete the activity the don't want to do.  At school, teachers use picture symbols on the now/next boards.  Teachers point to each symbol individually and tell the students what to expect (i.e. "work now, break next").  If you are interested in symbols for a now/next board for your home, please let your child's teacher know and they can send some home.