Cheerleading Commitments and Requirements:


Team Requirements: 

· Any student currently in 5th, 6th, or 7th  grade

· Maintain all 3s and 4s in citizenship in all classes throughout the school year.

· Maintain a mimimum of a  2.0  GPA.


· August-October: Football Season

· November-December: Girls Basketball Season and Tallahassee Winter Parade

· January-February: Boys Basketball Season and Showcase performances.

Time Commitment: Being apart of the MMS Cheerleading team is a large time commitment, as it is a year long sport. Obligations begin in the summer and continue through the Spring. If you are a competitive dancer, gymnast, or cheerleader, you may want to consider the large time committment that MMS Cheer requires before trying out. 

Financial Commitment: Being a part of the team comes with a financial responsibility as well. Each cost varies by team, but covers items like performance items, all practice clothes, shoes, dues, summer camp, etc.