Red Ribbon Week: "Life Is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free"

Posted by Michael Shivar on 10/16/2018


Each year a nationwide campaign takes place as a reminder to all regarding the importance of living a drug-free lifestyle. This campaign aims to prevent our children from becoming involved with drugs and alcohol. Help celebrate a drug free life by participating in a week full of activities like:

  • Monday: Spirit Day - I'm a Jean-ius! Wear read and jeans to kick-off Red Ribbon Week!
  • Tuesday: Too Cool to Do Drugs - We Shade Them Out! Wear your favoring sunglasses, sun hat, or ball cap!
  • Wednesday: Camoflauge Day - Drugs Can't Find Me! Wear camouflage clothing!
  • Thursday: Sock Out Drugs! Wear wacky, colorful, crazy socks!
  • Friday: Patriots Day - United We Stand Against Bullying and Drugs! Wear red, white, and blue as we finish the week strong against drugs!