SENIORS - Final High School Transcript Information:

We know many of you have questions about the final transcript process. Please note that your transcripts will not be finalized until after the first of June. If your post-secondary school is requesting a FINAL Transcript, then please DO NOT request a transcript at this time. (**The ONLY EXCEPTION to this is if you are starting a summer session and the college/university needs a preliminary transcript for registration purposes.)

Final Transcripts will be mailed to you upon request after June 15th. Please mail or deliver the official transcript to the college/university of your choice once you have received it.

There will also be a survey sent to you via Remind regarding electronic transmittal of final transcripts to be sent to SELECT Florida public colleges and universities. Please be on the lookout for that survey and respond promptly. (Electronic transmittal takes place in mid to late June.)

Any other inquiries or requests should be sent to our registrar, Mrs. Beaty, at