What do I do on the first day of school?

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It helps if children start off with the routine they will follow during the year - riding the bus, being dropped off by their parents, etc.  Gilchrist will have extra help from special area teacher, support staff, and parent volunteers during the first week to help children and parents.

Students will have waiting areas by grade level from 7:45-8:25, kindergarten students will report to the music room, 1st grade students will report to the media center and 2nd-5th grade students will report to the cafeteria.  Pre-K students will check in directly in the classroom.  Only at the warning bell or if directed by a staff member are students to proceed to their classroom.

We invite our new parents on the first day of school to our Boo Hoo Breakfast the located will be posted within the school.  We realize sometimes the first day of school is more difficult for the parents.  Children do better when they see their parents leaving happy and confident, and usually adjust quickly even if they are uncertain about this new experience.  Should a problem arise, we have plenty of staff on hand ready to assist you and/or your child.