PEPSA Partnership Program 2021-2022 Update!

PEPSA Partnership Program 2021-2022 Update!

Have you thought about becoming a Partner?

Becoming a partner is easier than you think!


If you are currently working with CARD or would like to have a CARD partner help you with ideas for your classroom, we encourage you to apply for the Partnership for Effective Programs for Students with Autism (PEPSA).

The application process is simple: For the narrative, briefly sketch out what you want assistance with or what your goals are for the school year.

CARD can help you work on...


  • Outreach
  • Staff wellness & collaborative teaming
  • Behavior
  • Any ideas to ensure an effective program for students with ASD


*Attendance of the annual CARD Conference has been waived as a required part of the 21-22 Partnership Program Year.


Easy requirements


  1. Provide a few paragraphs about your goals and outcomes at the end of the project.
  2. Complete a short online survey.
  3. Submit the application to your Regional CARD Site.



You will get


  • Great advice from your CARD partner.
  • A stipend for the completion of the program.
  • An iPad for collecting data and collaborating with your CARD partner.