Canvas System Requirements

Canvas System Requirements

The hardware requirements for Canvas are driven by browser requirements. Canvas always supports the current and first previous major release. Any computer at a minimum should support one of these browser versions:

  • Chrome 83 and 84
  • Firefox 77 and 78
  • Edge 83 and 84
  • Safari 12 and 13 (Macintosh only)

Any computer produced in the last decade can run these browsers. Chrome is our preferred browser. It requires Windows 7 or later or OS X 10.10. PCs and Macs produced after 2009 support these versions. Many computers produced before 2009 will also support it.


Another method, but not as ideal as a full computer, is an iPad or Android tablet. Both platforms have access to the Canvas app in their respective stores. There a just a couple of courses that have Flash animations in them now. Students won’t be able to see those animations on a tablet. Students will see text in place of the animations, so it won’t stop them from working.


Students will need audio to observe live instruction. A camera and microphone will be required if they are going to respond via video. Chat responses are an option for response. While a camera and microphone are preferable, lack of one will not prevent a student from engaging in live instruction.