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Breakfast and Lunch Grant

Breakfast and Lunch changes for 2015-16

Canopy Oaks will be included in a grant program with the district that will provide breakfast and lunch free of charge for all students. This grant includes several schools in the district and is scheduled to last a minimum of four years. The children will go through the meal line as usual and check out by scan card or code as they  normally would. Some families have funds remaining in accounts from last year. That money will be refunded some time after the first week.

There are special occasions when parents / grandparents wish to join their student at either breakfast or lunch. This is a great time spent with children. To help that experience the student and their family member will have special seating in the cafeteria or outside at picnic tables to enjoy their meal together. If the student wishes to include another student friend then written permission from the friends family will be needed.  We hope this will improve meal experience for the family. Visitors for breakfast or lunch should check in with the front office as normal.