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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365


NEW  How to...Change your Time Zone in Office 365 Outlook Settings

Leon County Schools offers Microsoft Office Pro Plus Program to students and employees.

This program provides free access to Office 365 Pro Plus for students enrolled in school districts and employees of school districts that purchase enterprise-level licenses. Leon County Schools meets this requirement!

Any student who is currently enrolled in the Leon County School District or active employee is eligible and may use Office 365, or download and install Microsoft Office 2013 Pro or 2016 Pro applications on up to 5 devices (PC, MAC). Employees of LCSB may also do the same using their network credentials.

Cobb Office 365 Information/How To Download

Office 365 Login Link


  1. Using the Internet Explorer web browser, go to the following website: 

  2. Enter the student's email and password that was provided by your child's school.

  3. Click on "OFFICE" on the left hand column to make sure it is highlighted in blue.

  4. Check to ensure that you have available installations by looking at the computer name, operating system and installation dates. Remember: Each student only can install the software on 5 devices.

  5. Click on the drop-down menu and select the appropriate language.

  6. Click INSTALL.

  7. Once installation begins, the installation program will scan your computer for any previous versions of Microsoft Office.     

  8. If you have Microsoft Office 2013 installed already, you will have to remove it from your system before continuing the installation.     

  9. If you have to remove Office, you must complete these steps:         

  10. Once prompted, select the Fix It Button at the top of the screen to uninstall the program (Office 2013/Office 365).         

  11. Click Run.         

  12. Once complete you must reboot your computer and log in again and repeat steps 1-5.         

  13. If you do not have to remove Office, your installation of Office 2013 will begin.

  14. Once the application is loaded, a progress box will appear as the software downloads the final settings. Please note that the speed of your connection will determine the speed of this part of the installation.

  15. Once all loading is complete, follow the steps (wizard or online prompts) to personalize your Office 2013 and begin using your software. 

You can also click on link below for a visual guide  about downloading Office 2013/Office 2016 programs to your personal computer/device through Leon County School's Office 365 from LCS Technology Department (TIS)-


Downloading Office from Office 365 app (.pdf)

Office 365 QR Codes for deivces
Office 365 LCS Support Page

For additional assistance please email our Help Desk at or call 850.487.7524 during normal school hours.