• Special Area Activities:

    Greetings from your Special Area teachers! We have more activities and resources for your child as we continue with our distance learning. Our goal is to provide some experiences that will hopefully be a welcome addition to your child’s new school routine. Please remember that all of these activities are optional. We hope they'll find some things that will be interesting, fun and engaging!

    If you ever need or want to contact us, our email addresses are listed below. We’d love to hear from you and, of course, your child. We miss our students SO much and can’t wait until we’re together again!!!!



    Laurie Cox – coxl@leonschools.net; Nick Gonatos -- gonatosn@leonschools.net; Corey Osgood -- osgoodc@leonschools.net  

    We encourage all of our students to continue with the virtual Champions program. For more information, visit www.titusprograms.com, click on the Training tab and find our school. We want every student to click on the workouts every day!  New workouts are loaded every morning.

    This week for PE continue to log into the Champions workouts daily at www.titusprograms.com and click on Roberts.  Also take a look at the attachments and make sure you and your family can fit a bike helmet properly- then we challenge you all to go on a bike ride!  See what you can find on your bike ride!  If you can’t ride- get out and walk.

    Parent Pedestrian Lesson

    Fitting a Helmet Guide

    PE Fitness Activity

    Daily Challenge Chart 

    Virtual Champions



    Carol Hull -- hullc@leonschools.net

    Hi Friends,

    It is hard to believe our school year Is coming to an end.    I hope you all enjoyed music class as much as I did with all of you.  I encourage you to continue your musical journey over the summer months until we can come together again. A special shout out to our 5th graders who will be leaving us this year . Best of luck to all of you.  I will miss you all.

    Mrs. Hull






    Mrs. Sever, severe@leonschools.net
    Media Center Webpage -- https://www.leonschools.net/Page/46518




    We’re trying to get as many library books back as possible before the end of the school year. To help with this, we will have collection bins set up near the marquee sign at the front of the school this Saturday, May 16. If possible, please drive by and drop them in! If this day doesn’t work for you, the front gate is open every weekday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. There is a bin by the office in which books can be placed. Thank you for your help in getting our library books back for our students to enjoy next year!



    This Saturday, May 16 is the last day to order books from our Scholastic Online Book Fair. This is a great way to get books for summer reading, while at the same time helping our school. The money we earn from this book sale will go to purchase new library books for next year.



    We are working on a special edition of our student-produced newspaper, The Red Fox Review. It will be focused on our fabulous fifth graders! In it, there will be a section of “memories”. We want every fifth grade student to share their favorite memory of their time at Roberts. It doesn’t have to be from this year, although it certainly could. Just think of something happy that you will never forget about your time at Roberts. Please send these memories to Mrs. Sever, severe@leonschools.net, by Monday, May 18.


    Continue to use Tumblebooks, MyON, and Epic! to access books online. Links to all of these resources are on Classlink.


    Don't forget to visit our Lending Library to enjoy some FREE books! Take what you'd like to read, then return them when you're finished for others to enjoy. You can also donate some of your own books for others to read, if you'd like.



    Kathy Jacobsen -- jacobsenk@leonschools.net; Ashley Mayo -- mayoa@leonschools.net

    We hope everyone is doing well.  Thank goodness for all the beautiful weather we have been having these past few weeks.  This week we would like to focus on gratitude.  Research shows that practicing gratitude improves positive emotions, self-esteem, and even sleep.  It makes sense that if you focus on positive things, you are more likely to feel happy.

    So, gratitude should be an ongoing practice, and what better time to start than now. Start by watching this short video on what gratitude is https://youtu.be/T5Umo80x9og

    Next, complete this activity to help you focus on some of the things and people you are grateful for.  Don’t forget to hang your paper up to help you remember the importance of gratitude, even during this challenging time. What is Gratitude.pdf

    As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kathy Jacobsen jacobsenk@leonschools.net or  Ashley Mayo mayoa@leonschools.net if you want to talk or just to say hi!  We miss you!!!



    Debi Menacof --  menacofd@leonschools.net 

    Monday at the Museum! We made it!


    Well , this will be the last of the art lessons that you will receive from me this school year. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you doing the lessons, and sending pictures my way. Even pictures that you came up with, they were even more special. The zoom art classes that I was able to provide to the teachers were a lot of fun, especially seeing your beautiful faces, silly grins, and hearing your laughs! It has all been missed!

    This week I would like everyone to design a heart💟 Any kind of heart. It can have a picture drawn in it , it can have color and designs, it can be made out of anything, even sewn or leaves!!  I would like you to hold on to them until we come back to school! If you can!!

    I have include a few websites that deal with creating hearts. This does not mean that you need to do your heart the same way.

    1. Deep Space Sparkle - Romero Britto Inspired Hearts ( You Tube )
    2. Deep Space Sparkle - Geometric Hearts ( You Tube)
    3.  Art Fun - Jim Dine Hearts ( You Tube )
    4. Kandinsky Heart Art  ( You Tube ) 

    If you Google Heart Art Lessons you will see a many images that may give you an idea! 

    As always just do your best and if you can. 

    You may email me pictures at anytime, even through the summer!! My email is:  menacofd@gmail.com

    Parents I would love your feedback on any of the lessons that I sent you in the last 6 weeks or if your child had the opportunity to do a Zoom Art Lesson with their class and me.


    Keep Art in YOUR HeART ❤️

    Have a wonderful summer and with Love!

    Mrs. Menacof

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