Getting Started

Parent Troubleshooting Guide

Clear Browser Cache

  • Clear Browswer Cache

    This will most likely solve many problems.  Visit this site or follow directions below:

    You can also set your browser to clear cache when closing which should assist with recurring issues:

    • Directions for doing this in Chrome
    • Open the Chrome browser
    • Open the Chrome Toolbar (3 lines to the right of the URL window) and then select Settings
    • Select  Show advanced settings....
    • Click the  Content Settingsbutton located under the Privacy section 
    • Under first section labeled Cookies, select  Keep local data only until you quit your browser

    Close Chrome and Reopen

Incognito Window

  • Using Incognito Window

    Do you have multiple users on one device?

    When siblings at home share a computer that others use also, they can cause the  login on the local machine to get confused due to the cookies holding onto the logins of the previous person logged in to the system. There are multiple ways to resolve this issue depending on where the problem is primarily occurring:


    • Option 1 – Open the browsers in private or incognito mode
      • From Chrome: Click on the Three vertical dots in the upper right of the screen and select “New incognito window” or press Ctrl+Shift+N
      • Navigate to the login screen:
      • Allow ClassLink Extensions in Incognito Mode: 
        • Go to the three vertical dots
        • Settings, then
        • Extensions
        • Chose Details on the ClassLink Extensions options:
        • Find the section that says Allow in incognito
        • and toggle ON 
    • Option 2– Have students use different browsers – ie, one browser (Firefox) and another (Chrome) 
    • Option 3 – Use browser settings to control login data by clearing cache when closing
    • Option 4 – Have the home computer with separate login profiles for each child so they are always logging in as themselves separately.  This makes everything much easier for EVERYTHING with account conflicts as they are treated as separate profiles in their entirety almost as if they were separate machines.  If parents are concerned about the separate accounts they can be set up under a family account which provides not only separate profiles, but provides parental controls with Family Groups.

    Click her for PDF with Visuals

Internet Access

  • Internet Access for at home student needs:

    Comcast/Xfinity is giving away two free months of internet service for low-income families who qualify, regularly priced at $9.95/month plus tax after that until they cancel. There is no contract so they can disconnect at any time without penalty. It's only for new customers, but existing customers have some additional perks and protections they're offering too.

  • Please Note: While these videos were created by another school, your students files will reside under their designated OneDrive or uploaded to their assigned TEAMS as long as they are logged in using their student credentials.