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    Assignment for 5-18 to 5-22:


    Go to this link to get an idea of what Southeast Asia truly looks like. You've got beaches, mountains, jungles, volcanos, islands - a little bit of everything, and it shows in the huge cultural variety found there.


    Read through Lesson 4 of Chapter 18 in the online textbook (remember you can access it by clicking on the ConnectED tile when you're logged into Classlink). Take the quiz that I'll have linked on my teacher page up by Friday (fingers crossed, I messed up and didn't save the one for last week and have to re-do it).


    • Quick overview of the geography of Southeast Asia.
    • Speaking of volcanos! Give the oldest recording in HISTORY (yes, the oldest known ever made), made in 1883 happened to catch the volcano Krakatoa erupting. It was so loud it busted the eardrums of sailors, and was heard as far away as 3,100 miles. That from the east coast of the US to the west coast...
    • Some scary footage of of the 2004 tsunami that killed 230,000 people in south / southeast / and east Asia. It was ENORMOUS, and shows the scary power of the ocean and an earthquake working together.
    • Dan Bao being played, and some beautiful Batik fabric.
    • A quick history of the Viet people.
    • The Khmer Empire was responsible for building the mysterious and beautiful Angkor Wat -- the (hidden by the thick jungles until 1860!!!).
    • A tour of street food in the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya (Bangkok).
    • Kingdoms rising and falling over the years on the islands of SE Asia.
    • Most people don't know that Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world -- 225 million people. That's nearly as many people as in the entire US!
    • Here's one last thing I couldn't help but include. The SE Asian island of Papua New Guinea is home some of the only known tribes of first people who still practice cannibalism as a part of their culture. The man sitting and talking with these tribal leaders is having a meal of pork (sorry to get your hopes up), but does ask some very interesting questions toward the end.


    This is our last assignment! Now you can go into FOCUS and make sure you're happy with the grades that I've put in. If you think something is an error, e-mail me and I'll look into it. Some grades are still being put in. If you aren't happy with a quiz grade, go back and re-take it, and let me know.


    That’s it!

  • Assignment for week of 4-20 to 4-24

    Before you begin, go to this link and listen to this song to put you in the right mind-set.


    1. By Friday you need to have read Lesson 2 of Chapter 15. You can read along with me by opening the audio file for Lesson 2 in the "Files" section in the general chat channel.

            a. Available in Classlink when you click on MH ConnectED/Wonders.

            b. You can find a recording of me reading this in the “Files” section of Teams, or on my web-site.

            c. This is also on pages 514 to 518 in your workbook that was sent home at the beginning of the year.

            d. Tell Mrs. Hembree you need a hard copy if none of the above works for you.


    2. Relevant vocabulary to this chapter for practice is available on Quizlet.


    3. After you read pages one and two in the online book, watch the video on the right about Mansu Musa — it’s really good!


    4. After reading Traditional African Religions, go watch this video and then this one to see some history about Voodoo, and some real-life Voodoo in action.


    5. Go ahead and read the rest of the online section of lesson 2. Then watch this video about Ibn Battuta (the guy was insane!).


    6. Here’s another good video about Mansa Musa just to reinforce his awesomeness in your mind.


    7. Then give these two videos a watch about about Swahili:

            a. History of Swahili.

            b. Learn simple Swahili greetings.


    8. Watch the video found in the “Files” section of the general chat channel of me discussing the reading and hitting the lesson highlights (and adding notable Swint stories, emphasis, and an-ecdotes).


    9. The assignment for this lesson is to answer numbers 1 through 6 of the Lesson 2 review (click "R" at the bottom of the online reading). You can send the answers to me as a message, as a file, as an e-mail -- doesn't matter to me at all. The assessment for this lesson will be to take a Quizizz quiz by Friday. The link will be found on my website, and on the discussion page for Teams by Friday.


     That’s it! Have fun, and contact me on Teams if you have any issues, questions, just want to chat!

Greetings from your beloved history teacher:

  • Well, with the advent of the Sars-Cov-19 virus, I've decided to escape the planet and go to our acre on the Moon that I bought last year. The winning name from the vote last year was "Area 52," by the way. I know the social distancing rule is six feet, but I thought I'd be sure and go with 238,855 mile rule. The view is AMAZING, but I have to admit that being cooped up in this biosphere with Mrs. Day and the children is a little trying at times. With the low gravity the kids just tend to zip around like loose birds.


    Anyhow, don't worry -- starting next week (April 13th) we'll be doing plenty of things to keep your brains sharp, and your attention full of the bizarre and wonderful things from our ancient past!

    We're moving into places in Africa OTHER than Egypt, as well as Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia in our last weeks this year.


    For now, breathe, wash your hands, don't go to Funzone or Chuck E Cheeze, and complete the weeks 1 and 2 packets that were provided. E-mail them to me @ swintj@leonschools.net. They are due this Friday, 4-10.

    Second thing on your list for this week: FOR THE LOVE OF SARGON, LOG IN TO TEAMS AND MAKE CONTACT WITH ME! I need for you to go into our class (follow the directions on the Cobb homepage) and just say "here."

    I'm available every single day from 1:00pm to 3:00pm to answer questions, help, or just chat. 

    I check my phone often as well, so I can be reached outside those hours usually as well.


    See you soon in Teams!!!


    ~Mr. Swint